Woodland necklaces

Blueberry Twig Necklace
silver, sapphire
1 3/4" long

Nest and Twig Necklace
silver, Pearls
1" long

Nest Necklace
silver, freshwater pearls
3/4" long

Black Pearl Cedar Necklace
silver, black freshwater pearls

Undersea Pendant
silver, fossil coral, freshwater pearl

Dots Twig Pendant
silver, Cherry Creek jasper,

Black and Black Pendant
silver, psilomelane
seed pods casting

Nest and Branch Necklace
silver,freshwater pearls

Dusty Miller Amber Pendant
silver,amber, dusty miller casting

Pussy Wilow Pendant
silver, moonstone

Lichen Amethyst Pendant
silver, amethyst
lichen casting

Lichen Whiskey Pendant
silver, whiskey citrine
lichen casting

Horizontal Twig Necklace
Silver, peridot
twig casting

Druzi Coral Pendant
Silver, cruzi
coral texture

Horizontal Twig Necklace
Silver, labradorite
twig casting



Woodland Collection