Woodland necklaces

Lichen London Blue Necklace
silver, London Blue topaz
2" wide

Pearl Branch Necklace
silver, freshwater pearls, blue topaz
pendant 2" wide

Blueberry Twig Necklace
silver, sapphire
1 3/4" long

Nest and Twig Necklace
silver, Pearls
1" long

Nest Necklace
silver, freshwater pearls
3/4" long

Twig Amber Pendant
silver, amber with insect inclusion
pendant 1" wide

Cedar Amber Pendant
silver, amber with insect inclusion

Nest and Branch Necklace
silver, freshwater pearls
pendant 2" wide

Leafy Branch Necklace
silver, garnet
pendant 3" wide

Cedar Black Pearl Necklace
silver, black freshwater pearls
1 1/2 long

Coral Texture Druzi Pendant
Silver, Druzi
1" wide
BLack and White Twig Pendant
Silver, banded agate, rainbow moonstone
1 1/4" wide

Sea Urchin Texture Pendant
Silver, rainbow moonstone
1 1/4" long


Woodland Collection